About US

LIX Pickleball was created by the Grace family in 2022.   We are a family owned and operated company based in Colorado. Our mission is to bring unique colors and stunning designs into the pickleball community, while providing a professional quality product that pickleball enthusiasts will fall in love with.

We were introduced to the sport in 2018 while vacationing in Mexico and quickly fell in love with pickleball.  The transition into Pickleball was simplified because of our strong tennis background.  The love and passion for the sport has motivated us to introduce a new brand of professional grade pickleball paddles that are unique and eye catching.

The idea came to us while we were in a sporting goods store looking to buy new paddles. A woman and her son walked into the isle and the mom immediately picked up the only paddle that had great colors and a beautiful design she could find and said “Oh I like this one”.  The son said, “Mom, it’s about how it plays, not how it looks”.  The mom then replied, “No son, your wrong….it’s all about the looks”.  Then she picked the paddle up off the shelf and bought it.  That’s when we thought, what if we created a paddle that has unique, eye catching colors and designs but also has professional grade materials at an affordable price?

Introducing LIX Pickleball!!

But what does LIX stand for or mean?

Some people think the company is called L.I.X, saying every letter.  Others even think LIX is Roman numerals for the number 59.  LIX is actually the last 3 letters of our sons name, Caylix.  It sounds exactly like licks, but it is spelled LIX.