LIX-4-LIFE Program

LIX-4-LIFE is a loyalty program for all of our customers who purchase a LIX pickleball paddle from  The program is designed to help customers of LIX Pickleball upgrade their older or used LIX paddles, to new LIX paddles at an extremely affordable price. 

LIX Pickleball will then donate the paddles that are still in good condition to local schools and underprivileged children in our community to help grow the sport of pickleball and keep our youth active and involved in activities.

Here's how the program works.

-Send us your old LIX Pickleball paddle, in ANY condition.

-Once we receive the used LIX paddle, you will receive a promo code to use to purchase any new paddle for an extremely affordable price, $100.


*Paddles purchased from a 3rd party retailer will not qualify for the LIX-4-LIFE program, only paddles purchased through will qualify.