Warranty Information

LIX Pickleball offers a 90 day manufacturer’s defect warranty from date of purchase stating that the paddle is free from defect in material or workmanship within this period.  This warranty is only valid for purchases made directly from lixpickleball.com and is not transferrable. 

Paddles affected by normal wear and tear, abuse and/or negligence will not be accepted or covered under the 90 day warranty period. Normal wear includes faded graphics, small paint chips, small dents or scratches and/or markings/residue on face of paddle or chipped edge guards. If you are playing with outdoor pickleballs on outdoor surfaces, small paint chips or scratches on the paddle face may occur.  These small scratches or paint chips are only cosmetic issues, and DO NOT affect the playability of the paddle at all.

Paddles that have been tampered with (re-glued, grip changed, weight added, etc.) or have been marked with permanent identification will not be eligible for a warranty claim.