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LIX Pickleball



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This sleek, edgeless pickleball paddle will bring your game to new levels.  CG-3 is a thermoformed paddle boosted with an EVA foam-injected edge, helping increase the sweetspot on the paddle face, provide more control on mishits and provide more power. CG-3 is designed for players looking for a paddle that helps generate effortless power, while maintaining superior touch and control.  This paddle is suited for players who like driving that 3rd ball, but love touch and feel around the kitchen line as well.  The longer handle on CG-3 allows players to use 2 hands on their backhand groundstrokes or dinks.  The rectangular shape of CG-3 creates an extremely large sweet-spot on the face of the paddle.  Although CG-3 is an edgeless/thermoformed paddle, we have added a small edge guard around the top of the paddle to help protect the paddle more from chips and scrapes.

-T-700 Carbon Fiber Face

-Thermoformed paddle

-EVA Foam-Injected edge wall

-EVA Foam-injected handle

-Abrasive Composite Finish

-Polymer Honeycomb Core

-16MM thick core

-8.3 oz-8.7 oz weight, average weight is 8.4oz.

-Grip Circumference: 4" Actual grip sizes may vary.

-5 1/2" handle length

-16 1/2" overall length

-7 1/2" overall width 

-USA Pickleball Approved

-Traditional square-shaped pickleball handle.

*This paddle is engineered with a unique LIX edge guard that is attached to the top hoop of the paddle using plastic anchors that have been drilled into the thermoformed edge.  During the manufacturing process, majority of the particles and bits of debris are removed from the drilled areas, but it's impossible to remove every single particle and bits of debris due to the nature of how the LIX edge guard is attached.  There is a very faint sound that emits from the top hoop of the paddle (almost like sand), this is the result of some of the particles being trapped in the paddle after attaching the LIX Edge Guard, this is not a result of the paddle breaking down.  This sound DOES NOT AFFECT THE PLAYABILITY OF THE PADDLE.  This paddle will be covered under our warranty, with the exception of the above-mentioned concern.

*Please note, because this is a thermoformed paddle without edge protection on the sides, it will chip if struck against the court surface. We recommend applying one to two layers of electrical tape or branded edge guard tape to the edges of this paddle for protection against damage.

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